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Providing you with the convenience of an armored van,the A-50 Series armored cash-in-transit route truck is available with an interior height of 66” for increased operator comfort. With a GVWR > 10,000 lbs. and payloads ranging from 2,200 lbs. to 3,000 lbs, there is no CDL license required and it is capable of providing the perfect solution for ATM servicing and light armored routes.

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Dimensions                                                  A-50
Overall Length                                               229"
Overall Height                                                96"
Overall Width                                                 95"
Rear Compartment Length                            115"
Interior Height                                                66"
Interior Width                                                 77"
Payload                                                         2200 lbs.

Key Features

• Certified bullet resistant materials
• 16 D.O.T. required LED marker lights, 4 LED STT lights,
2 LED back up lights, and 1 LED CHMSL
• Rhino Lining on rear cargo floor
• HVAC includes rear compartment Red Dot 8545
• Messenger seat in rear with “L-shaped” protective cage
• Customized shelving/bin locations in rear cargo
• Equipped with driver, passenger, messenger, and single
rear door
• Equipped with fire extinguishers in front and rear
• Equipped with First Aid kit in front compartment
• Rear suspension seat with adjustable three-point
retractable seat belt
• One two wheel dolly and storage rack
• Modular electric locks at each door with customizable
• 12-Volt circulation fan in rear compartment
• Convex security mirrors (messenger and rear)
• All doors equipped with door ajar notification system and
dead bolt locks
• All doors equipped with Best Locks
• Programmable multiplex electronic system
• Illuminated 11-button control panel, front and rear
• Wireless door connectors
• Push-to-exit button above messenger door
• Messenger map light
• Messenger step well light
• LED dome light (1 front, 3 rear)
• Back up alarm
• Stainless steel grab handles
• SS flip-style auto-latching gun ports (3)

Product Details

• Stainless Steel Body Upgrade
• Stainless Steel Skirt Upgrade
• Heavy duty bolt-on rear bumper with
• Various camera packages available
(Interior, Exterior, DVR, and GPS)
• Seat belt warning buzzers. Alarm sounds if
belts are not used or are misused.
• Dual-control locking system. Locks require
dual-control. Driver door may still be opened
with only key. Rear door equipped with buzzer
to signal dual-control is active.
• Keyless entry available for messenger and
rear door
• Griffin legacy lock single rotary latch locking
system – wiring harness upgrade to support
solenoids; addition of (4) interior stainless steel
grab handles
• Door Options: Dual 20” rear door; Dual 36” rear
door (Available on standard model only);
Suicide-Hinged messenger door package;
Ergonomic exterior door handles
• Rear door ajar alarm in driver cabin to
notify when rear door is open
• Siren with many control options available
• Work light package: Work lights on curbside
and rear. Rear work light is automatically
activated when truck is placed in reverse.