Manufacturing Capabilities

Smith+Griffin’s high quality, industry-leading products are manufactured according to exacting specifications by craftspeople that really care about the end result…safety and satisfaction throughout the life of your armored vehicle.  As the country's largest armored vehicle supplier, we provide support to armored route trucks, armored coin trucks, specialty armored vehicles, and security products. Using knowledge attained from 50+ years in the manufacturing industry, our team can design and fabricate any specialty project. 

  • Our manufacturing efforts are made possible by a large team of AWS certified welders, capable of welding a variety of material types including military spec’d armor plate, stainless steel, and aluminum. Smith+Griffin's welding department utilizes on-site and portable mig welders, as well as portable tig welders. 
  • An on staff CWI (certified weld inspector) and robotic programming engineer with 20 years of welding industry experience, gives us the ability to provide the best welding techniques to our customers. 
  • Smith+Griffin uses only top quality paint products and has a paint crew with more than 80 years of combined paint experience. The ability to handle large volume paint projects is made available by our (4) separate 40' x 12' x 13' downdraft bays, a custom engineered high-heat drying bay, and a custom engineered sandblasting bay, allowing us to offer our customers a variety of services.
  • A 4K Watt Fiber laser, 3K Watt CO2 laser, oversized shearing unit, heavy-duty iron worker, state-of-the-art Trumpf 5230 Brake Press, the latest in plate rolling technology utilizing a Davi MCA 3028 plate roller, (3) 3-ton overhead traveling cranes, (6) 4-ton overhead-traveling cranes, and (8) 1-ton jib cranes are all  additional machines and equipment utilized in our various manufacturing processes. 
  • Smith+Griffin has a skilled staff of electrical technicians and trained automotive HVAC technicians are capable of designing, installing, and troubleshooting complex electrical harnessing and power distribution centers. 


At Smith+Griffin, Inc., we take pride in the fact that each armored truck we build is completely manufactured and fabricated in our facility. Using the latest in modern technology, and strategically placed work cells throughout the plant, we are able to efficiently manufacture even the most complex assembly, thus improving the cost and efficiency of our end products.

Lincoln Electric Welding Robot. 



Smith+Griffin has the latest in automated welding technology in our 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. This technology affords us the ability to increase our productivity and capabilities as a manufacturer. Additionally, the magnitude of the machine itself allows us to take on larger jobs and achieve even greater results than before. The robotic arm resides on a gantry that runs between the two large 8 ft x 20 ft work tables allowing for a variety of parts and assembly sizes to be welded with precise accuracy, quality, and efficiency that is unmatched. 


Trumpf L3030 3K Watt CO2 Laser 


Our 3K watt laser machine provides precision to the component parts we manufacture, as well as efficiency that allows us to remain competitive in terms of price and delivery. With the capabilities of cutting up to 1” thick steel, precision cutting, and a large capacity cutting table, this machine provides Smith+Griffin, Inc. with one more tool to help us deliver the best products possible to our customers.


Trumpf 1030 4K Watt Fiber Laser


Leveraging the latest in fiber optics technology for sheet metal cutting, the Trumpf 4K watt fiber provides Smith+Griffin with the capability to produce precision parts at a high rate of efficiency, provides three-times the cutting capacity when added to our CO2 laser. The ability to cut up to 1" thick Mild Steel, 3/4" thick Stainless Steel, 3/4" thick Aluminum, and 5/16" thick Copper and Brass. Higher capacity plus greater efficiency plus more capabilities , translates into the ability to better serve our customers with high quality, competitive equipment and parts to support their business needs. 


Trumpf 5230 TruBend Press Brake 


As one of the world’s most innovative press brakes, and touting one of the largest selections of Di’s in its class (in which we have over 100 custom selections at Smith+Griffin) the Trumpf 5230 press brake gives us the ability to complete even the largest of jobs. Capable of 230 tons of force, it gives us the ability to perform a wide range of jobs, suiting all of your needs. 


Marvel SA330 Horizontal Metal Mitering Saw

Equipped with the latest in steel tube cutting technology, this machine is able to auto-feed bundles of tubing to be cut automatically with tolerance rages within .002" per inch of material cut and repeatability of .005" per index. Speed range from 95 - 295 SPPM, hydraulic down feed, and hydraulic shuttle feed. PC Programmable Control with touch screen control allows for programming and storage of up to ten different jobs. Inputs include Part Length from 0 to 393" (up to 3 decimal places) and Number of Pieces to be cut, and allows for the running up to ten jobs consecutively. 

A versatile and robust machine providing Smith+Griffin with the ability to consistently produce precision parts to ensure high-quality finished components at the final assembly and manufacturing stage of the production process.

Davi MCA 3028 CNC Plate Roller

Recognized as the world leading plate rolling equipment, the Davi MCA 3028 has the capabilities of accurately and efficiently rolling steel plate up to 10 feet wide and 1/2 inch thick in various shapes and radius patterns utilizing the latest in interpolation software for complex radii. 

Some Exclusive Benefits of the Davi Equipment

Servo-Tronic is more accurate than any previous hydraulic, electronic or mechanic (torsion bar) parallel system, and keeps the machine’s side rolls parallel, even in case of electronic problems (less down-time), as it has a dual, independent but integrated, parallel control system (Davi Patent).

It allows for excellent roundness, thanks to the Planetary movement of the side rolls (Davi patent), moving them to the center of the machine (the tightest geometry available), compared to the inclined linear guides of other brands that, especially on large diameters, move farther away from the central roll and the plate clamping.

Planetary Guides (friction-free, mill-scale-proof, Lubrication-less, Maintenance-free), Permanent Lubrication, Energy Saving, digital Roll by Wire and the dual Servo-Tronic parallel system (most Davi Patented); make it innovative, state-of-the-art, easy to be operated, highly productive, very accurate, reliable and maintenance-free.

ISO 9001:2008 certified, built with total quality, complying with tight ISO standards, it is engineered and built for high performance, in a distinguished design common to the most reputed “100% Made in Italy” products. 
It also benefits from the professional mechanical “passion” of Promau’s local area, home of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati, ect., the most advanced Italian high-tech companies.


Engineering Capabilities

We integrate the latest engineering technology into every product we manufacture, through the use of SolidWorks 3D modeling software, AutoCAD two-dimensional CAD software, and Sigmanest CAM software for programming both of our CNC lasers to provide the best yield from our sheet metal and plate, translating into lower prices for our customers.

Our talented engineering staff provides the skillset and expertise necessary for future development and research required to stay ahead of the security dynamics in today’s cash-in-transit industry. Our engineering staff consists of mechanical and electrical design engineers, as well as CAD technicians and CNC programmers. The investment in our engineering department provides us the necessary resources to continue to support the cash-in-transit industry with competitive pricing, short lead-times, innovation, and cutting edge technology.

We have taken extreme care in selecting our staff here at Smith+Griffin Inc in both manufacturing and engineering so we can send a strong message to you. “Protecting the lives and securities of your families, businesses, and friends is our number one goal, and a mission we accept wholeheartedly.”