The Griffin Advantage

Protecting What Matters

Many of the largest armored truck fleets in America depend on Smith+Griffin armored vehicles to transport their valuables. And for good reason: Smith+Griffin is committed to building the best armored vehicles in the industry.

At Smith+Griffin, everything begins with quality. From our president to each individual working on the line, quality is something that is taken seriously and never sacrificed. Smith+Griffin quality is simply unsurpassed. We take pride in being ISO 9001:2015 compliant — a distinction that requires time, effort and dedication to consistently find the best materials available to do the job: From hardened steel and quality paints to the latest equipment innovations and employing the finest craftsmen. Delivering the highest quality armored vehicles in the industry requires listening to our customers and understanding and responding to their needs. It takes industry knowledge to understand the complexities that the client meets daily in the armored industry. And above all, it takes an understanding of protecting each client’s precious cargo, both intrinsic and human.

If you’re ready to experience the advantages of proven survivability, extraordinary value, and dedicated service, resulting in confident protection for the precious lives and cargo that occupy each Smith+Griffin-made vehicle, let’s talk.

When you need protection, you need Smith+Griffin.


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